G is for Gala


April 11 marks the 2nd year anniversary since I interned for Gala magazine, a local events magazine. Too bad A-Z Blogging Challenge‘s letter G doesn’t fall on the 11th. Lol. Anyway, the magazine stopped printing as of the moment, so this is a good time to reminisce and look back on the good ol’ days.

(My ID. Oh geez)

My first day as an intern didn’t involve any office job. Instead, I was out on Araneta Coliseum, rocking my head and partying with LMFAO. I was assigned to cover their concert here on my first day of internship. Cool, right?

(I’m not kidding! Hahaha)

Right then and there, I knew that interning for Gala magazine would do me good. Before, I was afraid of that term– intern. I thought I would be doing favors for them, like making them coffee or photocopying stuff. But none of those happened. Since they’re a start-up publishing company, they needed more writers to do articles. Great for us, interns!


(Co-interns Ais and Gia. I miss you horsies!)

In two months, I’ve done a lot of articles that appeared on three issues. I’ve attended a fun run, seen an exhibit, interviewed top wedding photographers, watched a play, dressed up for a fashion week– all for free.


(With Jake Cuenca at Nuvali for Outbreak Manila)


(My first “Broadway” experience lol)


(Having my red carpet moment during the Philippine Fashion Week)


(Sippin’ choco martini during Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf’s (CBTL) Adriatico branch opening)

When my OJT (on-the-job training) was completed, I still wrote a few articles for them– this time, as a contributor. It was amazing. Being associated in a magazine has its own perks, but then again, there are deadlines, writer’s block, and more problems that are easy to fix. The benefits definitely outweigh the glitches!


(All access at Jonas Brothers concert)


(Covered– and ran for my life in– Outbreak EK. Photo: Booster C)

So, Gala magazine, thank you so much for giving me this wonderful opportunity. I am forever grateful for all the things I learned and experienced while I was still working in your company. I’m a bit sad because you’re not publishing anymore, but I hope that, someday, you could help others fulfill their dreams again. 🙂


(My Gala family)

Happy blogging (and writing)!

4 thoughts on “G is for Gala

  1. “I thought I would be doing favors for them, like making them coffee or photocopying stuff.” You’re one of a few lucky people because normally, that’s what interns do. And lucky you they needed writers.

    “My first ‘Broadway’ experience lol” Write about some time!!!! I will link to it from my HERE’S TO BROADWAY page.

    “I’m a bit sad because you’re not publishing anymore…” That’s the sad state of the publishing industry nowadays. The Internet technology is here to stay. The magazine I worked for folded up as well (although we already predicted it years before).

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