E is for Endings



“Everything has to come to an end, sometime.” 

― L. Frank Baum, The Marvelous Land of Oz

Endings. Why do they even exist?

They say endings are bittersweet. An end signifies a complete stop, yet it also symbolizes a new beginning. It’s weird how endings are good and bad at the same time. But, being the melodramatic people that we are, we tend to look at endings as as something that shouldn’t have happened in the first place.

Like How I Met Your Mother’s season– and show– finale.

Image(Photo: popsugar.com)

This A-Z Blogging Challenge entry is not just about one of my super favorite shows’ ending, though. It’s about ALL the endings in the world. It’s just that HIMYM’s last episode is still piercing my heart. </3

himym-3-600(In the end, it’s still Robin. Photo: people.com)

Everything has its own ending, but as much as I want to move on from the whole “HIMYM-is-gone-long-live-Mosby-and-Scherbatsky” thing, I don’t want HIMYM to end. I know I can watch and rewatch it on my laptop, but it’s never gonna be the same.

Plus, I didn’t like the ending. I’m a solid Ted-Robin fan, but them getting back together doesn’t make sense anymore. Not after nine seasons of change and chaos. I appreciate the fact that the creators stuck to their original plan, but a better ending would’ve been better.

For me, it’s better if they didn’t “kill Tracy, but still let Robin and Barney be themselves– divorced and independent, that is. But that’s just me. I heard there’s gonna be an alternate ending on DVD, so I hope that makes up for the one we already saw.

Image(“And that, kids, is how I end my story. How does that make you feel?”  Photo: screenrant.com)

I’m sad because it wasn’t the kind of ending we expected, but personally, I’m sadder because it’s gone. No more HIMYM season 10 to get excited for. No more Ted, Robin, Barney, Marshall and Lily hanging out at MacLaren’s. No more “Hey Beautiful” song. Oh well. An ending’s an ending. We have to move on.

(Source: songza.com)

And oh, I was wrong. This entry is just about the HIMYM finale.

Happy blogging (and watching)!

4 thoughts on “E is for Endings

  1. Not “Da Mother” anymore? LOL!!! Well, I wasn’t able to follow the show and was only able to watch one or two episodes, until we watched the final episodes.

    I really thought the ending sucked and if it were real life, I would feel like that was some kind of betrayal to the memory of “Your Mother,” to make it look like it was Robin all along. I wanted to knock his kids’ heads because they were so happy in saying, “Oh this was just really about you and Aunt Robin.” If I were the mother, I would’ve cried even in my grave. What disrespect.

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