D is for (All I Do Is) Dream of You


Trivia: My original idea for this day’s A-Z Blogging Challenge post is “Post Breakup Dos and Donts.” But since I don’t have enough time to ponder and write about that, I’ve decided to share this one instead. That’s all. LOL.

Singing in the Rain is one of my all-time favorite movies. I’m a sucker for classic old films (I think I have more black-and-white movies in my laptop than colored ones lol), and I adore the Roaring Twenties (if I could live again in another era, I’d definitely pick the 1920s– no doubt!), so this movie is, like, the greatest of all the great films for me.

And, well, this scene is one of my favorites:

Actually, I love all the scenes in this movie, but this one always cheers me up. I like its very upbeat vibe, plus the song’s really cool. One more thing: Debbie Reynolds and the girls are excellent dancers! I really wish I was born in the 20s.


(Photo: metatalk.metafilter.com)

Another reason why this scene is my favorite: Lina Lamont’s “caked” face. Haha. She deserves that epic accident, really.


(Photo: chickflicksmusicals.blogspot.com)

And oh, I found another rendition of the song:

I’ve watched this movie more than ten times, but I still get excited every time the thought of watching it again crosses my mind. Haven’t seen it yet? No! Don’t waste another half of your life (LOL). Watch this 50s classic now!

(Singing in the Rain official MGM trailer… yes, 4 minutes. I think movie trailers are that long in the “before time” lol)

Happy blogging (and watching)!


9 thoughts on “D is for (All I Do Is) Dream of You

    • Hi Wendy! I totally agree. Jean Hagen did a great job portraying Lina Lamont. No actress could’ve done it better than her. I’m curious, though: is that her real voice? Because I’ve watched “Adam’s Rib” and her voice sounded so different. Lol.

  1. Singin’ In The Rain is one of my all time favourite movies! 🙂 My favourite character has got to be Cosmo. I love it when he goes up to Lina just after she gets ‘caked’ and tells her she’s never looked lovelier 🙂

    Stopping by as a fellow A To Zer

  2. “I think movie trailers are that long in the ‘before time’ “…Well, just before your time. In the early 90s, trailers were still as long or, at least, almost as long.

    “if I could live again in another era”…You probably did. I feel like I did.

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