Boracay Diaries: Day 4

January 26, 2014

Sunday. Our last day in Boracay. Know what that means— souvenir-shopping (and other stuff lol)!

(Photo: Adrian Penus)

On our 4th and last day, we did what all first-time tourists do on their vacation: shop for souvenir items. We actually had two shopping sites to choose from: D-Mall and D-Talipapa. We opted for the latter, since we’ve been there before and that’s where I bought my hat.

(Photo: Mike Asuncion)

I didn’t buy a lot of stuff because I don’t want to go home with so much bulk in my bags— and also because I don’t have enough money anymore. Haha. In fact, I wasn’t able to buy anything grand for myself. I was eyeing a nice black swimsuit and a cute sundress from one of the stalls, but I decided to turn my back and walk away from them while I still can. All I got for myself was a cool black statement shirt, a big black bag for my “excess baggage,” and a little jar keychain with sand inside. The latter hangs by my picture board in the office, so I can always be reminded of my sweet escapades. 🙂

(Le shirt, the only design that caught my attention. The rest were just… meh. *Taken in the office days after the trip*)

(Aaaaand the Bora keychain, together with my Puerto Galera cellphone trinket. Hehe.)

I think it took us almost two hours to shop. I don’t know if that’s long already, but for a not-such-a-big-fan-of-shopping-because-I’m-thrifty-and-very-picky person (*raises hand* Me! Me!), the time was super short.

(Done shopping. Whew! Photo: Adrian Penus)

After that, we headed to the beach, hoping to catch the sunset for our last group shot there (and swim for the last time). Fortunately, we made it before the sun finally went down. Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time to swim our last swim because we had to be out of the island by 7.

Sunset snaps:

(Gorgeous sunset!)

(There goes the sun! Photo: Adrian Penus)

Group snaps:

(See that vacant spot? Yeah, that’s for our officemate who wasn’t able to join us because of some “unforeseen circumstances.” Lol. Photo:  Mike Asuncion)

(I really like this shot. 🙂 Photo:  Mike Asuncion)

(…and this too. Preparin’ to jump! Photo:  Mike Asuncion)

(At the port… just because we had to prove something for our officemate. Haha! Photo: Paolo Supena)

Well, what can I say? That trip in Boracay really got us all talking for days. Needless to say, we had that very evident “Bora hangover” for weeks. Lol.

We had so much fun. Personally, I enjoyed Boracay a lot. I love going to new and exciting places, so I really had a great time there. Plus, my officemates are the best people to be with in vacations like this! They’re just… awesome. 🙂

(Photo: Adrian Penus)

So, where to next? We don’t know yet. Sagada, perhaps? Or Cebu? Davao? Anywhere… I just wish I have more money in my pocket. Hahaha.

Happy blogging (and travelling)!
❤ Jane

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