Boracay Diaries: Day 2

(First of all… wow! This post is sooooo overdue. Oh well… better late than never!)

January 24, 2014

Day 2. The “real-but-technically-not” day we saw and conquered Boracay. 🙂


Woke up earlier than the usual (before 6am ack!) and cooked breakfast with my officemates-slash-travel buddies. First breakfast in Boracay felt awesome! Our menu included the usual longganisa, hotdogs, sinigang and fish, but that breakfast felt really different. Hehe. It’s nice to eat super early in the province every once in a while. 😉

(Breakfast like kings! Photo:  Mike Asuncion)

After eating, we went to the town proper to buy some meal ingredients and, well, go to the beach. Got myself a nice sunday hat to complete my “by the beach” look!

(Feeling like a tourist with my bodyguards (lol)… well technically we were tourists there!)

Then we finally headed to the beach. Happy kid really mouthed “Wow!” when she felt the famous white sand and saw the equally-famous crystal-clear beach. Again, wow.


After admiring Boracay’s true-blue beauty, we just wandered around and ate lunch. Here are some snaps:

(With Laneybear! Photo:  Mike Asuncion)

(The whole gang! Photo: Ian Alegre)

(Happy lunch! Photo: Ian Alegre)

We spent the whole afternoon touring the whole thing— from Station 1 to 3, I think? Haha. And oh, some of us got Henna tattoos. Happy kid’s first time to have temporary ink on her back!


(Happy kid’s getting her back inked. Lol. Photo: Rochelle Domingo)

(Was thinking of getting a Swastika tattoo (lol), but then I saw the dreamcatcher design and… well…)

After the inking session, we just chilled by the beach, had desserts, swam a little (unfortunately the water’s too cold for a long dip), and made some sand artworks until sunset. See here:

(Yummy choco cookies n’ cream dessert from Atlanta Crazy Crepes!)

(Our sand “art,” inspired by Adrian’s smaller version. Both were instant tourist attractions, beating those intricately-made “Boracay [insert date here lol]” sand carvings. Hahaha.)


(The smaller— and much more realistic— version. Photo: Adrian Penus, the artist himself haha)

After that very exhausting afternoon, we went home and re-energized with dinner. The girls decided to stay and rest while the boys went out and partied. I don’t know why we didn’t have the energy to go with them but… oh well!

(The boys. Lol too bad the girls weren’t in this pic! Photo:  Mike Asuncion)

So there you have it… day 2. Very simple, but at least we got to know this very gorgeous island that is Boracay. Next: action-packed day 3! 🙂

(Ending this post with a sunset shot, of course! Photo: Adrian Penus)

Happy blogging (and travelling)!
❤ Jane

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