Boracay Diaries: Introduction

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There’s always a first time for everything— first plane ride, first white sand, first extreme water ride, first motor ride on the mountains, first “slightly-dramatic-walk-on-the-beach-with-fading-footsteps-behind,” first ink on the back… For me, all these “firsts” happened in one place: Boracay.


Oh, what a wonderful place. Crystal-clear waters, beautiful white sand, exquisite view of sunset… For a first-timer like me, Boracay was a piece of heaven. Never mind the crappy island hopping experience. Never mind the horde of Koreans everywhere, making it seem like we’re on South Korea instead of Boracay. Never mind the banana boat that was more like a lousy pencil boat. Never mind all the negative stuff— for me, Boracay is the bomb!


I’m glad to experience one of our country’s world-famous tourist attractions, but I’m even more elated because I was with my favorite people on the planet: my officemates. 😉


(Photo:  Mike Asuncion)

Nuff said. Now I give you… the Boracay Diaries! Join me as I share how we spent and enjoyed our four amazing days travelling and basking in Bora’s glory. Stay tuned!


Happy blogging!
❤ Jane

4 thoughts on “Boracay Diaries: Introduction

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  2. hi can i know where you stayed in boracay and how much did it cost you i saw your in a big group and we are planning a trip to bora and were i think 12 person. can u suggest a accomodation that have a big room that can accomodate as in one big room or house super thanks its our first time ee 🙂

    • Hi! We were lucky enough to stay in one of the houses of my officemate’s relatives. Unfortunately, I don’t know any place in Boracay that can accommodate groups. 😦 You can check out customer reviews or TripAdvisor if you want. Good luck and enjoy Bora (don’t forget to try FlyFish)! 🙂

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