Thank you and goodbye, kabarkada!

Nowadays, I rarely turn the TV on and watch anything. As in. But when I was still a little kid— back in the days when people sought entertainment in various TV shows— I’d hop from one channel to another. Studio 23 was one of those networks. I remember knowing and enjoying lots of shows such as Wazzup Wazzup, Charmed, 7th Heaven, Myx, Barkada Nights, etc. because of Studio 23.

That’s why I’m a bit sad to hear the news that, after 17 years of being on air, Studio 23 will be signing off. TODAY. Oh geez. No more Studio 23 from now on. 😦

Here’s their super nice and quite-touching farewell video:

Paalam, kabarkada!

3 thoughts on “Thank you and goodbye, kabarkada!

  1. We were discussing in somebody’s FB comment thread the other day about this. We thought Studio23 already lost sight of what it should be. Hello? Lots of people now have cable. Heard it’s going to be a sports channel. Pffft. It’s just going to be a “redundant” channel. In my opinion, if they can’t do anything new and unique with it anymore, might as well rid of it. ABS should just concentrate on its main channel and TFC.

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