When supervillains celebrate Christmas

I’m still a bit hungover from last night, but I can’t wait to share how amazing our company’s Christmas party was so… here you go. Hahaha.

Last night was my first time to celebrate the holidays with my ESPC family. We had a supervillain-themed Christmas party and, again, it was my first time to really put a lot of effort to my costume! I think I haven’t been to an all-out costume event before (well, Outbreak Manila was an exception because I didn’t dress up as any fictional character), so this experience was really new to me.


(Yea that’s us. Hihihi.)

I had a hard time picking the right supervillain for me. There are tons of female antagonists in the world of Marvel and DC Comics, so choosing who to go for really took up a lot of my time. My original bet was Typhoid Mary because I really liked her costume (kind of provocative, but what the hell), but my officemates suggested Mystique and, upon seeing what she looks like, I decided to go for her. My other choices were Jewelee and Lorelei.

Weeks before the party, I dropped the Mystique thing after computing the possible expenses I’ll be having just for the costume. Slightly cramming (and still wanting to dress up as Typhoid Mary), I went on with my original supervillain. But… days before the party, I didn’t find any skintone top or a substitute for Typhoid Mary’s bra (of course I won’t go to the party wearing only a bra, even if I have a jacket), so I just opted for her other costume. Yes, Typhoid Mary has a lot of costumes, actually. Hahaha.


(This is what I’m talking about. Photo: marvel.wikia.com)

Fortunately, I found really good bargain pieces in Makati Cinema Square, four days before the party. I scored a top which really resembled that of Typhoid Mary’s for P60.00, black shorts for P100.00, and cool black boots for P300.00. After making the other parts of my costume (shoulder pads, blades and sword) and “murdering” my top, I was all set for the party. 😀  Fast forward to the day itself, and this is how the whole ensemble looked:


(Close enough? Hahaha.)

I’m very pleased with how my costume turned out (even though one of the blades on my back kept on falling lol), and the whole experience was just uh-may-ziiiing! Hahaha. Everyone really dressed up as their supervillains (yes, no KJs haha) and the party was super fun. We had games, raffle and lotsa gifts… speaking of gifts, thanks to my Secret Santa for the tumbler and “lifetime supply” of you-know-them-already! Hahaha. Also, thanks to Pao, Ate Gi and Adrian for the superb gifts. 🙂

Check out some snaps from last night:


(Cos Typhoid Mary loves-but-hates Daredevil)

IMG_20131220_230232 IMG_20131220_230548 IMG_20131220_230313 IMG_20131220_225719 IMG_20131220_230052 IMG_20131220_225324 IMG_20131220_203740 IMG_20131220_201125 IMG_20131220_205304-1

(Pics with my officemates hihi)


(The supervillains of ESPC!)


(Goofing around before the party lol)

Looking forward to the next Christmas party with you guys! 😀  Happy holidays!


5 thoughts on “When supervillains celebrate Christmas

  1. My costume was an epic fail, for me, at least, and I was not even feeling that well. But it was fun still. Pa-repost, no time to really post anything, eh…And, oh, you are welcome for the gift. It’s simple but from the heart 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on The End Justifies the Journey and commented:
    Okay, haven’t been able to post anything but I can’t pass up the chance to greet you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! Meanwhile, I am reposting Jane’s post to talk a bit about our most recent party. I promise to post stuff this coming weekend. ENJOY THE HOLIDYAS, GUYS!!!!

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