From armchairs to desks and computers

Last Friday, my LPU blockmates and I had our much-awaited catch-up dinner at a nearby mall in Makati. This was a cause for celebration because it took us almost six months to successfully plan a get together.

It was so nice to see my friends again after so many months. It’s funny to think that, not too long ago, we were Journalism students trying to survive college; but as I looked at them one by one, it’s evident that a lot has changed. Some gained weight (including me ugh), some lost weight, some grew beards while others had their hair cut. But even though we look more “professional” and grown-up now, we still talked and bonded like the usual.

That night was unforgettable. Since it’s Friday, we had a hard time looking for a place to eat (swear, almost all affordable restaurants were packed). After minutes of walking around, we decided to eat at Kaya, a posh Korean resto. We knew that dining there will cost us more than our wallets can shoulder, but we had no choice since we were already starving. Fortunately, the food didn’t disappoint us, so it was worth the big bucks. And oh, I think it was our first time to have dinner in a semi-expensive resto. Hahaha. Hurrah for us!

(Christmas Party 2012)

(ABJ Batch 2013. Yay!)


(The Kaya dinner. Hahaha.)

Due to their hectic work schedules, some of our Journ mates weren’t able to attend last Friday. I hope we’ll all be complete in our upcoming Christmas Party.

Nevertheless, our Fridate was awesome! Epic get together is epic! 😉


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