Missin’ the SATB life

It’s already 3AM and I know I should be sound asleep by now (working girl needs to be in front of her desk by 9AM), but like what I told my friend, I’m still “having a moment.”

I miss my days as a simple CvSUCE (Cavite State University Chorale Ensemble) member. Right now, I’m listening to one of the pieces we used to sing, trying to remember the alto parts. As I struggle to recall every note, I can’t help but feel nostalgic, happy, and sad— all at the same time.

(Our group picture for the CHED NAHEI National Chorale Competition, 2010)

Before I became a city girl who took jobs as a barista and freelance writer, I was, first, a college freshman and an alto 1 (yes, my matining voice didn’t make it to the soprano part hahaha) member of the CvSUCE. Back then, we were like a one big, happy, singing family— practicing our songs everyday after class, hanging out during breaks, and food-tripping outside the university. As the school’s main choir group, we performed in several occasions and competed in regional and national levels. We were not that many, but back then, we were so happy every time we’re singing. Of course there were tough times, but our strong relationship definitely outweighed the challenges.

(Before our (the newbies) first performance, where we sang our famous “Bukonat”)

37304_402489341913_7587826_n(Taken after one of our “out-of-campus” performances)

There are lots of things that I terribly miss right now (I have another choir song in the background… nakakaiyak naman):

  • Our everyday rehearsals from 6PM to 8PM
  • Our semi-circle formation
  • Kuya Tim’s manner of conducting (with his tuning fork)
  • Our one-of-a-kind CvSUCE handshake
  • The ol’ Lecture Hall, where we used to practice every day
  • Our clearbooks filled with music sheets
  • The log book we use for special messages and sweet nothings (we have a name for that, I just forgot it dang!)
  • Sir Emil and Sir Alex’s (our conductors) strict and intense but very educational way of teaching
  • The songs we used to sing! Too bad I’m beginning to forget some of them… boo-hoo
  • The way our voices would beautifully blend with each song
  • Our performances everywhere (school events, competitions, special out-of-school events, etc)
  • Those times when I would miss my classes ’cause I need to practice (yea I know it’s kinda bad, but oh what the hell)
  • The way we would all hold hands and sing a holy song before we end our rehearsal (cheesy, but super memorable)
  • Our costumes and props
  • Etcetera… right now I can’t think of anything anymore

23448_378584091913_7002444_n(After our short performance in a Christmas competition)



23448_378584106913_2005673_n(Some of our pictures during the Pandayan Sining Training/Seminar, with PUP Bagong Himig Serenata conductor, Sir Emil Cruz)

18044_279901781913_5971557_n(All smiles after winning the CHED NAHEI Regional Chorale Competition in Batangas, 2009)

Of course, I miss my choirmates above all the stuff I mentioned earlier. They mean so much to me. When I moved to LPU, my first plan was to audition in their choir. But then I realized something: kung hindi lang rin sila (CvSUCE) ang kasama ko, ‘di bale na lang.

254189_10150206733531914_5619583_n(Taken during my 18th birthday; we sang “Panunumpa” as a special request from the debutante (lol))

I am so honored to be a part of this group. We don’t see each other anymore, though. Since AY 2009-2010 ended, many things have changed. But we try to catch up when we have time… which is so rare and scarce. Nevertheless, I’m still happy ’cause I have these awesome memories with me.

27169_373374221913_3514047_n(After the CHED NAHEI National Chorale Competition in UP Diliman, 2010)

Most people don’t understand and appreciate choir music. They think it’s all just boring ooh-ings and random voices belting out religious songs and trying hard to rock pop tunes. But choir music is more than that. Choirs are more than that. It’s not easy to mix four different voices and have an outcome that’s not a pain in the ears. Each magnificently-sung harmony requires many vocalizations, intense rehearsals, sacrifices, patience, determination, discipline, and teamwork. Sopranos, altos, tenors, and bases don’t sing their parts just for the sake of singing it— they blend into each other’s tunes and work the song as a whole. It’s not easy.

Sometimes, when I listen to choir music or show people how choirs sing, they seem to look at me and my music preference as “weird.” What they don’t know is that listening to these songs is the only way I can reminisce the days that quickly went by. I can never go back in time and live that life again, but when I hear the songs we used to sing as a choir, somehow it sends me back in those times… when life is much simpler and we just sing like there’s no tomorrow.

579694_10150825450851914_2056051699_n(Our latest gathering, May 2012 (yes, we haven’t seen each other since))

*Insert “We Are One” choir song here*

This post is so mushy. Maybe I should sleep before it gets more emotional.

P.S.: Happy October! 😉


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